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forklift trainingWelcome to the Spectrum Training Novice Counterbalance Course.

The course is separated into three test sections. This is an overview of each section and will be covered in more detail as the course progresses

The overall objective of this formal, predetermined and validated test is to verify the
candidate’s ability to meet the minimum recognised basic safety standard.

The Pre-Operational Check, includes an Exam which will be completed online and a practical demonstration by yourself in a tell me, show me exercise, your instructor will demonstrate this to you on your first day, and a Pre-Operational check will be completed by the candidate on a daily basis. The Pre-Operational Check is a legal requirement as we will see as we progress through the course. Click here to see a copy of the sheet used     Pre-Operational Checksheet

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The Associated Knowledge Test. This theory exam comes as a combination of Five Open Questions and 20 Multiple Choice questions.  (as an example it might ask you to list 4 places that you should not park a counterbalance truck? you would receive one point for each correct answer to a maximum of four points, if you only answer three correctly you would receive three points). The twenty multiple choice will be a choice of a,b,c or d, there will be only one answer, and you will be awarded four points for each correct answer We will complete some mock exams prior to your real exam. You require a pass mark of 80 points to pass the theory test. This test can be written or oral

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The Practical Skills Test. This will be conducted on the last day of your course, it is approximately a 30 minute test of your driving skills, and will include the following

• Manoeuvring a laden and unladen lift truck, forward and reverse
• Carrying out a series of stacking and de-stacking exercises within a confined space (e.g. an aisle or racking)
• Manoeuvring twice in each direction, laden, through a chicane
• Culminating in depositing a load and parking the lift truck correctly

Its a points based test and to pass the test you should not accrue more than 40 points or receive more than 4            major safety faults in the same category. As an example, if you failed to look in the direction of travel on four              occasions then you would be awarded 20 points, however, as this is a major safety fault you would not pass the          practical skills test.

Click Here to see an example of the Test Sheet used by the examiner on your test Practical Exam Sheet

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