8th July 2019


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Training times can vary depending on the levels of experience that the trainee has. As we are all aware, different people learn at different rates. Also, some skills can be carried over from existing knowledge from other vehicles. So basically, there are 4 different course types with forklift training:


Novice: If a trainee has no previous skill or knowledge on a forklift, they will be put onto this course. A trainee may even be put onto this course if they have been trained before in the past but it has been years since. The novice course covers all aspects of forklift training.
Novice courses usually require a 3-5 working days training time dependant on how many trainees there are on the course.

Experienced: If a trainee has used a forklift but hasn’t had any formal training, they will be put onto this course. There are no set guidelines on how much experience on a forklift class as ‘experienced’. The guidelines for what an experienced operator is classed as can vary between training organisations. Experienced courses usually  require a 2-3 working days training time  dependant on how many trainees there are on the course.

Refresher: If a trainee has received formal training and has had regular use on the truck since then they are classed as a refresher. Refreshers are advised for qualified operators to be put onto to ‘iron out’ bad habits that they have developed since their previous training.
Refresher courses always take up to 1 working day of training time 
Conversion: If a trainee has been formally trained on a forklift but requires training on another truck, then a conversion course can be used.

 Conversions use existing skills and knowledge from one truck, bringing in the new skills required onto another. Conversion courses usually require 1-2 days working days of training time,  dependant on how many trainees there are on the course.

Driver CPC, for an additional £45 per person we can in some cases combine with Drivers Periodic CPC Training, thus delivering two days training in just one day. Please give Mark a Call on 01452 452462 to discuss this option

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